Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm not Perfect at all...

Rasanya dag berkurun lama x update design baru kan?blog pn dah jarang update..mst org yg blogwalking blog nie x sure sama ade syiera masih membuat craft lg or x?

Jawapannyer msih yer..but before 2 i'm realy sorry for the lateness and for the fake promises that i make :(
Time is so envy with me..I try my best 2 update a lot and a lot design pillow ya..and i on da way to design i new baby..stay tune ya :)

Misi yg perlu di accomplish :-

1)Reply email n sms n msj fb customer secepat least 24hours
2)Siap kan order customer at least 3 week (sy sll lambt coz bz sgt :( so sory)

3)Make new design (Masa jgak yg menjadi alasan..huhuhu.x mo jdkan alasan lg)

4)Update blog more often( nie maybe sbb malas..hahaha..alasan yg sgt common sedaya upaya nak update jugak)

5)Buat pillow sekemas n to make my customer satisfied with my baby handmade (Chayok2 u can do it ) :)

6) Nak tukar design blog (Coz dah super bosan ngan design blog yg sm)

7)Nak tukar new label of KEDAICIKENOY (on da way :)

Setakat nie 2 saja kot..hahaha..mak dah marah nie..mau g umah nenek.hehehe

P/S: i will change my status in march 2012...hehehe.some of my mission in 2012..pray for me ya ^_^

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