Tuesday, September 13, 2011

it's cute..don't you think?? ^_^ (Part 1)

Hello everyone??has been longtime i did not update my blog.and suddenly i miss to typing some word in my blog ..^_^.Having so many work at office and also busy berhari raya.membuatkan tangan nie begitu malas tuk menaip.hehehe..plus ngan rendang and ketupat at every house..so can u imagine banyak glr ok syiera mkn time raya nie..so rite now i need to diet and loss my weight..how about ur hari raya?mst best jgk kan..^_^

Stop talking about me and now is turn to talking about my cutie cutie pillow..this pillow has been ordered by mr aidil before hari raya ari2..and then syiera sempat siapkan before raya..thanks god..he love it..total pillow ade 12 pillow ok but i managed to siapkan 5 dulu..

ade bnyk design tau..ade sweet,ipod,leaf,ice cream and many more..so sesiapa yg nak order camni can place your order now!!! ^_^

so jom we cuci-cuci mata tgk pillow yg cukup comel nie..^_^

Total 5 pillow

Khas buat aidil,ayu,farah,bubu & aiman

Ipod for aidil

Sweet for farah

Ice Cream for ayu

Leaf for bubu

Ladybird for aiman

It's cute isn't??hehehe.i told you..hehehe..but blum abis lg tau..ade lg pillow yg lum siap lg..so stay tunez for next pillow :)

so aper tggu lg..place your order at kedaicikenoy rite now...^_^

any question feel free to ask me 012-3442249 syiera